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Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L is available for each and every one. The country we are operating now is Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania. These are some of the countries where Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L is active at present. We have offices in Bangladesh and Romania and expecting another office in Italy very soon. Therefore, you can take help from us not in Bangladesh but also abroad. This is a big advantage you can get if you apply for a work permit visa from our agency. 

Furthermore, Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L has a vision to deploy its branch in many more countries in the near future. Hence, believe in our organization, and if you are ready to work abroad then we are the best solution for you. Also, you will get a work permit visa very soon if you apply for Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania. So, without further delay go for our service.

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Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L. offers the right solution for those looking to work abroad in places like Romania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, and Greece. We guarantee consistent, moral, accurate, and effective attention during our whole engagement with our client. We can help you get your passport or visa processed quickly. So, you can contact us now to get the job done.
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Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L is a highly regarded immigration organization. We are the one-stop solution for all of your needs, whether for visa services, relocation services, immigration policy advisory, or corporate visas.


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