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Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L. is one of the most trusted recruiting agencies in Bangladesh.

Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L. is one of the most trusted recruiting agencies in Bangladesh. We will be your partner in making international career aspirations a reality. Here, in the bustling job market of Bangladesh, we are showing you hope of light. Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L stands out as a pioneer for those dreaming of overseas employment. We specialize in connecting skilled individuals with the opportunity of job openings across the globe. Furthermore, we understand the challenges job seekers are facing in Bangladesh. The agency provides a proper solution for people who want to make their lives better overseas.  In addition, we will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire recruitment process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking new horizons or a fresh graduate aiming to kickstart your career abroad, we can help you find the right opportunity. 

Our team not only helps in matching your skills with the perfect job but also navigates the complex web of documentation. Also, we will help you in every procedure, making your transition smooth and hassle-free. Our goal is to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Moreover, we underscore its commitment to shaping a better future for job seekers in Bangladesh and beyond. At this time we are working with passport and visa service. We are covering countries like Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania.  

Our institute will be your pathway to global opportunities from Bangladesh. In reality, with our strong global network, we stand out as a top-tier recruiting agency. We will support you at every step, from consultation to placement, making your international career dream a reality. Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L values your uniqueness. Furthermore, Our aim is to align your ambitions with well-suited global roles. So, ready to explore. Let us guide you to touch your dream. 


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Amir Recruiting Agency S.R.L is a highly regarded immigration organization. We are the one-stop solution for all of your needs, whether for visa services, relocation services, immigration policy advisory, or corporate visas.


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